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Bryin Abraham
Ohne Titel, 1991

Life is an insult but enjoy it. This seems to be theme behind most of Bryin Abraham's wonderfully maniacal pen and ink drawings. Rendered in the blunt German tradition (the artist is half German and half American, dividing most of his time between the two countries); these drawings depict men sitting together with axes in their heads or daggers through their ears while maintaining friendly smiles on their faces; or even suicide by way of cutting one's own head off with a knife and continuing to smile like a mannequin. People are murdered and struggles with morality are won and lost within each drawing.

What is so endearing about these images is that they tempt our sense of humor while delivering a heavy psychological punch. Degradation, confusion, then violence with a smile. The span of Abraham's concocted character dilemmas range from juvenile to quite disturbing.

The ultimate achievement made in this body of work is in the simplicity in which it is rendered. An almost cartoonlike format allows easy pictoral readability. The mystery lies not in what is going on, but in why it is going on. These are the kind of refreshing questions raised which guarantee to propell the artist into the realm known as timeless.

David Walker, Los Angeles, 1991
In: BRYIN ABRAHAM, Drawings 1990-1991 Zeichnungen, Katalog. San Diego/Berlin, 1991/92

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