H.C. Wilp, Berlin, 2011 Foto: © Anke Cott
H.C. Wilp

* 1956 in Emsdetten (Westf.)

1984-1989  Studium an der Hochschule der Künste Berlin:
 Freie Bildhauerei/Multi Media bei Prof. Shinkichi Tajiri
7.6.1997 RE 13
Assoziation Revolutionär Bildender Computer

'The first work that Heinz Christian Wilp showed me, when he asked to enter my class, came from several pockets of his jacket. The pieces were small. So small in fact that they were hidden by his fingers. Bits of metal, plastics, some very thin wire, etc. They looked like elements of micro technology that had fallen out of a trashcan. He carefully assembled the parts on my studio floor and when he twisted two pieces of wire together it suddenly began to squeek, crackle and emit some random static. It seem to be trying to link up and communicate with other objects. In the course of our conversation I felt he had a special gift, like a precious stone in its raw state before its final shape had been determined, cut and polished. What he needed was time and space to work out his ideas. He came into my class 1987 and I gave him a part of my studio to work in.
I haven't been disappointed, I admire his restless curiosity and investigations in combining various disciplines to extend his art. Art as 'exploration and adventure' remains as one of the few challenges left to satisfy the human need to face the unknown. Unfortunately, most young artist seem to follow well defined paths which they expect will lead them to commercial success.
H.C. Wilp has the soul of a pioneer. He is a bright, dedicated artist with the tenacity of a survivor...'
Shinkichi Tajiri

In: Galerie paranorm, Art Hamburg, Katalog. Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg 1990

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