Shaun Caton

paranorm Video-Dokumente: bildende Kunst 
C.O. Caspar, Shaun Caton (rechts) Video/Stills: © ralf roszius 
Unscene Figment
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Sander Boschma, Galerie de Meerse
Shaun Caton
Galerie de Meerse, Hoofddorp
11. November 2006
Farbe, 22 Min., PAL (4:3-Format)
Edition paranorm

Some Notes About Painting (From 2006 Notebook.)

I am a collector of signs, symbols, insignia. People ask me what my paintings are 'about' and I point them at grids, car parking lots, bollards, lamp posts, post boxes, industrial environments, machines, ducting, tunnels, mould, mildew, organic decay, walkways, concourses, conduits, alleyways, highways, bold and brash advertising colours on billboards, brick walls, found objects, tables loaded with cluttered items, a sense of purpose without intentionality.

I think of poems when I paint. Paintings are about nothing and everything. A good painter embraces infinity in work. A painter kisses the unknown with a kind of latent magic that emerges only when he starts working.

Painting is a kind of performance, a dance, an un-mouthed verse, a poem without Words.

Painting is a psychic-automatic action guided by intuition, a sense of gesture that is evocative of personality, a language that mutates as it is spoken.

There is an affinity with the art of children and those who have swallowed the primordial in creative energy and given birth to an original utterance.
Shaun Caton
In: Katalog zur Ausstellung. Hoofddorp, 2006

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