C.O. Caspar, Shaun Caton

paranorm Video-Dokumente: Performance 
C.O. Caspar Shaun Caton Video/Stills: © ralf roszius 
Plantation Club, Berlin
9. September 1998
Farbe, 30 Min., PAL (4:3-Format)
Edition paranorm

A site performance installation created by C.O. Caspar and Shaun Caton

MAZE (Anomalie sector)

A journey without end. A performance with transient images that chart the spiral of life and death. Images cut from the bodies of other „ghost" performances. Time being is time edited. Within the alchemical garden the universe is created from rags and detritus, objects of ritual transform and accentuate the history of the space. The images reflect upon the following themes: mutation, geometry gone wrong, equilibrium (exchange of equivalents) the fusion of consciousness and dream images. The voice, as text, brings to spoken language a bizarre and frightening alchemy of symbols. The performance cycle is a fragment in time. A moment lived. The delerium of ancient and modern codes of conduct. All human behaviour is performance.
Shaun Caton

Use some lines from poem, MAZE MAKER.

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