Shaun Caton

paranorm Video-Dokumente: Performance 
Video/Stills: © ralf roszius 
Dark Ages of Ice
C.O. Caspar
DNA Funart Vactorie, Arnhem
17./18. November 1988
Farbe, 114 Min., PAL (4:3-Format)
Edition paranorm

„My work is the performance of concern, with content engaging social/political and environmental issues. Each work is a unique action, neverrepeated; although memories are cut from the bodies of other works and transformed. I want to demonstrate the interplay of opposing forces within society, to reveal the battle between order and chaos. I adopt various ages, I am both infant and senile, showing how the individual moves tenuously between life and death, freedom and authority."
Shaun Caton, 1987

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