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Die kopierte Galerie

Galerie in Flux ist Galerie in Flux
Die Galerie im Zeitalter ihrer technischen Reproduzierbarkeit!

(...) "The Copied Gallery" is an installation/performance Franz John had undertaken at Galerie paranorm, Berlin, in October and November '87. Using a hand-held and battery operated (pocket) photocopier, he painstakingly copied the entire gallery and pasted the resulting strips of xerox back over the surfaces from which they had been generated. The performance ended with the doors that gave access to the gallery being pasted over with strips of xerox. The installation was in this way 'completed' in a manner which made it impossible for the work to be viewed in a 'resolved' state (since a part of the work woutd be 'destroyed' by anyone entering the gallery). (...)
Stewart Home

In: Plagiarism. London, 1989

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